PMP Turning Department

turning12648713_sThere are 2 new Doosan “Y” axis lathes in the turning department along with a new Ganesh Swiss type lathe. All are equipped with bar feeders to keep production moving. We handle the midsize parts with a 22” swing x 51” turn length and smaller diameter parts with 2 Miyano BNC lathes.

CNC Turning Department

2-Doosan 2100 SY2012 model, live tooling, sub spindle, bar feeder
1-Ganesh Cyclone 32C5 2013 model Swiss Type Turning Center with live tooling & bar feeder
1-Daewoo Puma 250 LB Model 22″ swing 51″ turn length
1-Miyano BNC 34, 2 axis Model 1-1/4″ bar feed, 5″ diameter chuck
9″ max length
1-Miyano BNC 34T, 2 axis Model 1-1/4″ FMB auto bar feed, 5″
diameter chuck 9″ max length
Kays deep hole drilling machine